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Repertoire And Program Notes

Chinary Ung: Singing inside Aura (2013)
Sean Heim: Neak Ta (2010)
Sean Heim: Holomovement (2010)
Chinary Ung: Akasa: "Formless Spiral" (2010)
Chinary Ung: Spiral XI: Mother and Child (2007)
Chinary Ung: Spiral IX: Maha Sathukar (2006)
Chinary Ung: Aura (2006)
Chinary Ung: Child Song (1985)
Chinary Ung: Khse Buon (1980)

Khse Buon
Child Song
Singing inside Aura

performing Spiral XI in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Khse Buon, transcribed by Susan Lee Pounders Ung
Published by Editions Peters